Now Accepting Applications for All Provinces for 2018

Ontario  –  January 20th & 21nd  TORONTO

Alberta –   March 17th & 18th CALGARY

British Columbia – March 3rd & 4th VANCOUVER

Saskatchewan– April 21st & 22nd SASKATOON

Manitoba –   May 5th & 6th WINNIPEG

Newfoundland and Labrador –  email  for information done through application & interview

Nova Scotia – email for information

Quebec-  email for information  Done through 1 day auditions  – First Selection is September 30th MONTREAL  Second selection TBA

New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island – email  for information – done through application & interview

Northern Ontario – (Sudbury)
Apply through:

National Competition for Miss World® Canada 2018

Held in Toronto, Ontario AUGUST 12th – 18th  2018

**Note: MTC-W Inc. reserves the rights to change the date. Sufficient notice will be given to all involved.

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Now accepting applications

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